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Judgement System

The Turf Judgement system is a system for dealing with interpersonal disputes involving the rules of Turf. The general guidelines for this system are included below, including notes of all judgements made on Turf. The guidelines are as follows:

Complaints about Immortals will always be dealt with by a God. Complaints against players will always be dealt with by an Immortal. Where an Immortal does not have sufficient power to enforce a punishment which is considered suitable those complaints will be passed on to an Immortal who is in such a position.

Each ruling will set a precedent, that precedent will be followed by all Immortals of an equal or lower level. Precedents may only be changed by a higher level Immortal, or in the case of Godly judgements by another Godly judgement.

Either party has the right to appeal to a higher Immortal, but Gods' judgements are final.

This system will have no impact on dealing with players immediately. Immortals will continue to use suitable commands when necessary. However a player has the right to a judgement on any punishment.

All judgements should be documented for publication, any judgement not documented will not be official.

Judgements should make use of evidence from all parties where possible.

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