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Turf Policies : Privacy Policy

Location / Identity

Player IP/DNS information will not be revealed by the game or privileged immortals to anyone below the Immortal level of Deity. Violation of this policy is grounds for demotion.

Privileged immortals will not inform players that they know of a connection between two players known to be from the same site unless/until notification of such is given by the player, unless players from that site cause problems and connections need be drawn. Immortals at or above Deity rank may inform Immortals of Wizard rank that certain trouble-making characters are from the same site as long as specific site information is not shared. Violation of this policy is also grounds for demotion.

There is one exception to this rule which arises when the Gods express an intention to force the closure of a clan, or recieve a request to create a new clan. When indicating the intention to close a clan it may be necessary to indicate the number (not names) of unique active players within the clan. New clans are created based on a list of members who will join at the time of creation and in the event that a list does not contain the requested number of unique people it will be necessary to point that out. In both these cases if a player has multiple characters involved in a clan it may become obvious to that clan that they are all under the control of a single person and Turf Administration is unable to prevent that information spreading. It is worthy of note that a player count will only be provided where the intention is to forcibly remove a clan (not on the request of a clan member), or in the case that a new clan list falls short of the required numbers. To avoid anybody fishing for information using a new clan list the gods will check that the list contains people who have agreed to join. Players wishing to ensure that their characters are not revealed should try to avoid putting multiple characters in the same clan. It should be noted that the criterion which determes whether a secondary is an active player is different to that for a primary, so the number put forward may in some cases suggest that a member of the clan is a secondary rather than primary.

Snooping / Logging

Immortals will not snoop on players without prior consent and informing the target player. This is enforced by the game configuration option 'snoop', which is off by default. To enable snooping the target player must type 'config +snoop'. When snooping begins this message will appear:

*** <NAME> has started snooping on you ***

Where <NAME> is the name of the snooping Immortal. Immortals of Supreme and higher ranks have the ability to snoop.

Logs of player conversations are not kept by the game.


Immortals can not read notes not specifically addressed to them, however, notes are stored in a file on disk. This file will not be read by the Turf administration under any circumstances.

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