Turf MUD

Turf Policies : Swearing / Language Content

Turf does not allowing swearing or discussion of adult concepts on public channels or other public data areas including notes to all, hero or any other public membership groups; titles; or descriptions. Adult concept guidelines, where not intuitive, are at the discretion of the highest ranking Immortal online at the time, and, as per the Turf rules, that judgement stands until such time as a higher-ranking immortal or formal judgement overturns it.

Turf has an automatic language filter which applies to several public data areas including all public channels and titles, but not by any means limited to these areas. The language filter will strip any offending text and issue a warning. Your swearing counter will also be incremented by the number of stripped words. If you exceed five swear words in a single go you will be automatically silenced. Automatic silencing also applies at 10 counts of swearing and every five after that. Autosilencing may be requested from the Immortals but remains at their discretion.

Anyone attempting to avoid automatic filtering by any means may be warned by Immortals. Certain words are not blocked for practical reasons, despite being offensive: if the automatic swearing filter does not block a word it by no means indicates that the word is acceptable for general use - this remains at the discretion of Immortals.

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