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Turf Improvements over Merc 2.2

The Code

Original Merc has 117 commands, we still have almost all of their commands save 3 which were removed (switch, return and log), our current number of commands is more than 340 (obviously a considerable increase!)

Apart from this, the original Merc code had 53 immortal commands. In Turf this has been expanded to over 98 immortal commands, and many of the existing ones have been improved in various ways (to reduce arbitrary power for immortals, provide greater privacy for players, or make commands effective after a reboot).

The original code consisted of just less than 30,000 lines of C, Turf consists of over 90,000 lines. (Please remember that we have stripped lines of theirs, changed lines etc.) The original program came as 17 C files, that has been expanded to 33.

At least 700 upgrades of various magnitudes between bug fixes and major new features have been listed in 'help news', and that list is by no means complete.

The Area Files

These are, in the main, controlled by Cera, and define all things in the game. All the existing areas were stripped out early on in the life of the game.

The original game had about 2,900 locations, none of which are used in Turf. Those locations spanned almost 90,000 lines. However they were relatively incomplete, objects lacked examine descriptions, many rooms were just repeated continually etc. I am sure you get the picture.

We have overtaken the stock Merc, having more than 3500 locations (excluding player's homes), each with the greater attention to detail upon which Turf prides itself. Our area files span an incredible 160,000 lines. An excellent effort over the past 7 years. My thanks to Cera, Hiero and all those other contributors at this point!

Hopefully you found this interesting, of course I am not going to drop down to detailing all those low level changes which are transparent to the players, but I think this gives an idea of the level of changes which have taken place since we started at the end of July 1994.

Based on note written by Mtf in Spring 1995.
Updated in January 2000.
Updated in September 2000.
Updated in January 2001.
Updated in April 2001.
Last updated in Decemeber 2001.
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