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Welcome to the home page of TkBoom Clan, a loyal and brave alliance of Turf players from all round the world.

TkBoom membership is open to all who are willing to support our cause and don't mind living a little dangerously. We do, however, require initiates to have attained at least Level 15, in accordance with Turf rules. Anyone interested in joining can use the game's built in petition command to apply or membership, or may contact for more information.

TkBoom usually has the player killing/stealing clan options turned on, which we do primarily as a show of our elite strength and second-to-none bravery. We have a strict code of honour and are willing allies of all who will stand with us against anarchy and corruption.

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AnimalLover Out
Divine retribution?

Clan NO is NO.1
NO signs of arachnophobia

Flik Promoted to Chieftain
Starman given the Flik

OMKS Spending Spree
IMT January Sale Madness

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' If you hear a Tk-tock,
don't go boom, RUN!