Turf MUD

The Credits

Turf coding : Mtf, Fastjack and formerly by Hiero

Database & areas control : Cera, formerly Zartid, and even more formerly by Hiero

Additional areas by : [darn near everyone now]

Misclands by : [just about everyone]

Title page by : Nog

Coding advice : Alasdair Kergon

Patience : Charles Wiles

Site provided by : Maxima Systems Ltd, formerly by Lynxfile, Imeid and Cyberplayce

Purple jeans : Herring

Sniping : Pelopidas

Being nice to people : Jade

Ridiculous numbers of typos submitted : Pelopidas, Anu, Karzan

Mad bombing : Jim from SKAMM, Divva, Rory from SKAMM

Plagues : Karzan

Sounding like Mtf : EdFromO

Being like Mtf : Trub

Failing to get to the point : Hiero

Failing to get the point : Fastjack

Missing it : SirHumphrey

Watching each others' web pages like hawks : EdFromO, Pelopidas

The Paxman Prize for being difficult : Mtf

Supplier of Wands of the Fire Lion : Link

Only person to lose 75,000 xp in one go : Penguin

Scarf-sharing : Trillion, Herring

Losing hats at each other's Turfmeets : Hiero, Pelopidas

Very Heavy Jackets : Herring

Supplier of Caffeine (and exploding gold bars) : Pelopidas

Look of innocence after gold bars explode : Pelopidas

Mystic auras : Raistlin

Heinously hampering hurtloam healing : Hiero

The Link Award for Hatred of Keyboards : Trillion

Using Description instead of Note: Abfab, Delta, Hfunk

Most barred/blocked/ignored person in Turf history: Menionleah

Excessive Player Advocacy (whining) : Hemlock

Pelopidas Award for Pedantry and Grammar Policing : Hemlock and Fastjack

Zartid Award for Politely Telling People Off : SirHumphrey

Most Improved Temperament : Mtf

T : Teator

Cheese : Karzan

Fruit Salad : Mango

Hot Air : Fastfox

Fatal Turf bugs beginning at August 2000

Turf's code is based on Merc2.2, which in turn is based on Diku. Inspiration, ideas and players from Island, Foothills, and Resort

Diku Credits

              Original game idea, concept, and design:                    
          Katja Nyboe               [Superwoman] (katz@freja.diku.dk)           
          Tom Madsen              [Stormbringer] (noop@freja.diku.dk)           
          Hans Henrik Staerfeldt           [God] (bombman@freja.diku.dk)        
          Michael Seifert                 [Papi] (seifert@freja.diku.dk)        
          Sebastian Hammer               [Quinn] (quinn@freja.diku.dk)          
                     Additional contributions from:                             
Michael Curran  - the player title collection and additional locations.         
Ragnar Loenn    - the bulletin board.                                           
Bill Wisner     - for being the first to port the game successfully,            
                  uncovering several old bugs, uh, inconsistencies,             
                  in the process.                                               
And: Mads Haar and Stephan Dahl for additional locations.                       
Developed at: DIKU -- The Department of Computer Science                        
                      at the University of Copenhagen.

Merc 2.2 Credits

Merc 2.2 was created by Kahn, Hatchet and Furey.  Merc 2.2    
is an upgrade from Merc 2.1, created by Furey, Hatchet and Kahn.                
Thanks to ...                                                                   
  ... Diku Mud for starting it all.                                             
  ... The Free Software Foundation and DJ Delorie for kick-ass tools.           
  ... Copper Mud and Alfa Mud for releasing their code and worlds.              
  ... Aod of Generic for ... well, everything.  You're a hoopy frood, Aod.      
  ... Alander for many ideas and contributions.                                 
  ... John Brothers of Silly for permission to use Silly code and worlds.       
  ... Zrin for administering the mailing list.                                  
  ... Abaddon for proofreading our comm.c.                                      
  ... Hind, Quin, Vic, Diavolo, Oleg, and others for porting help.              
  ... Diavolo, Grodyn, Morgenes, Da Pub, Loki, Talen, Kalgen, Sludge,           
      The Crew of Salems Lot, and others for code and bug fixes.                
  ... N'Atas-Ha for MOBPrograms and the pager skeleton and Blackstar            
      for the improvements and ideas to the pager.                              
  ... Raff, Doctor, VampLestat, Nirrad, Tyrst, PinkF, Chris for worlds.         
  ... Ikee, Chaos, Kraze, Maxx, Thoth, Zolstead, Zavod, VampLestat, Cyric,      
      Kelvin, and Jackal for extensively playtesting MERC 2.2 and providing     
      constructive input.                                                       
  ... the players and imps of Mud Dome, Final Mud, Mud Lite, Vego Mud, Rivers   
      of Mud, Ruhr Mud, Mystic Realms, 4th Realm, Dragon Mud, and Salems Lot    
      for bug reports, ideas, new code, and hours of enjoyment.                 
Share and enjoy.                                                                
MERC Industries

Original Turf WWW Pages created by Hiero

Updated, developed, and maintained by Fastjack

Cartography by Mango (most), and Cera (layout map)

Meet photos by Trillion and Mtf

Turf Graphic by Muca

Turf Sword graphic by Tyrade

Turf Banner graphic by Skywise

Thanks to Ninja and Zartid for ridiculous numbers of web page corrections

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