Syntax: config
Syntax: config +\<option\>
Syntax: config -\<option\>

This command configures some of your character behaviour.  With no options,
'config' shows you your current settings.  With a plus or minus sign and
an option, 'config' turns that option on or off.
See also: Help Auto.
The options are:

    AutoExit - You automatically see exits.
    AutoLoot - You automatically loot corpses.
    AutoSac  - You automatically sacrifice corpses.
    AutoVis  - You may go visible through communication commands.
    Blank    - You have a blank line before your prompt.
    Brief    - You see brief descriptions only.
    Client   - You are connecting to Turf via a client.
    Colour   - You see colour.
    Combine  - You see object lists in combined format.
    HiTells  - You get highlighting on tells to you.
    Mccp     - You use Mud Client Compression Protocol.
    NoRecall - You will not recall if link-dead during combat.
    Prompt   - You have a prompt.
    Quiet    - You block tells and channel communication.
    Shop     - You run a player store.
    Snoop    - You may be snooped by the supremes or higher
    Summon   - You can be summoned people outside your clan and group.
    TelnetGA - You receive a telnet GA sequence.
    Visit    - Your home can be visited by other players.

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