note2 notes2 note block note unblock

Syntax: note subject <string>
Syntax: note to <recipient(s)>
Syntax: note edit
Syntax: note show
Syntax: note clear
Syntax: note + <message>
Syntax: note post
Syntax: note reply <number>
Syntax: note expires <number: days>
Syntax: note expires <number: note> <number: days>
Syntax: note forward <number: note>
Syntax: note forward clear
Syntax: note (un)block [from <name>] [to <name>]
                       [subject <text>] [containing <text>]

These are some of the additional note commands.

'Note subject' sets the subject line of a new note.

'Note to' sets the list of recipients.  The recipient 'friends' means your
friends list, 'all' means all  players, 'clan:<clan name>' means all members of
the given clan, 'god' means all gods, 'admin' means all Immortals of Deity
rank or higher (see 'wizlist'), and 'immortal' means all Immortals.

'Note edit' puts you in the editor allowing you to edit the note's contents.
(See 'help editor' and, if applicable, 'help zmud'.)

'Note show' shows your note in progress.

'Note clear' starts your note over clearing what was entered in the editor.

'Note +' to write message lines onto the note a line at a time.

'Note post' posts your note.

'Note reply' is a quick and easy way to reply to a note if you know what
number it is.

'Note expires' allows you to set a time limit on your notes, after which they
will go away on their own.  The last number given is the number of days from
now until the note expires.  In the two-number form of the command the first
number indicates the note to be affected.  Recipients may only raise the expire
time on a note.

'Note forward' allows you to attach an existing note for forwarding.  Using
'clear' will clear any existing attachments in the note you are currently
editing.  Forwarding a note does not also forward attached notes.

'Note block' allows you to specify a set of rules for notes which you do not
wish to be notified of at login time nor automatically read by typing 'note'.
Blocked notes will show up with a 'B' where the 'N' new message indicator would
normally be located.  'Note unblock' reverses the block given a set of rules
which exactly matches a current blocking rule.  Either command without any
rules will list the current list of blocks.

'Note block' rules are case insensitive.  Names must be fully typed out.
'Subject' and 'containing' rules are considered substrings, so "lower" would
match "lower", "follower", and "lowering".

See the additional commands in help notes.
See also: help zmud if you're using zmud and can't get the editor working.

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