Syntax: petition submit \<clan\>
Syntax: petition cancel
Syntax: petition status
Syntax: petition list
Syntax: petition accept \<player\>
Syntax: petition reject \<player\>

'Petition submit' must be used by anyone wishing to become a clan member.
The status of your petition will be shown each time you log in until you
are initiated or it has been rejected.

'Petition cancel' will cancel your current petition - you may have only
one at a time.

'Petition status' will show you the current status of your petition.  This
information is also shown every time you log in until initiated or

'Petition list' will show current petitions if you are the Overlord or
Chieftain of your clan.  New petitions will also be shown at submission
time and whenever in the future you log in until rejecting them or
initiating the player.

'Petition accept' is synonymous with 'initiate'

'Petition reject' will reject a player's petition for membership.

Petitions which are not accepted, cancelled or rejected within 28 days will
be automatically accepted.

See also: help clans

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