Syntax: shop open
Syntax: shop close
Syntax: shop list [level [level]] [keyword or type or worn:location]
Syntax: shop markup \<cost or percent or 'clear'\>
Syntax: shop price  \<object\> clear
Syntax: shop price  \<object\> \<cost\>
Syntax: shop add    \<object\>
Syntax: shop remove \<object\>

'Shop open' will open your shop for business - all non-worn items in your
inventory considered to have value which can be dropped are in the store's
inventory by default.  Please note there is a 15% sales tax on all items
(collected from the price you set).

'Shop close' closes your shop for business.

'Shop list' shows you the inventory listing for your shop.  It may be used
in the same was as the 'list' command.

'Shop markup' assigns a default cost or percent markup for items which you
have not explicitly set a price for with 'shop price'.  A default cost is
indicated with a number, such as 'shop markup 200' to set all objects to
a default cost of 200 coins.  A percent can be set by putting a percentage
sign on the end of the number, such as 'shop markup 150%', which would sell
an object for half-again as much as the normal cost.  'Shop markup 90%', by
contrast, would sell the object for only 90% of its normal cost.

'Shop price' allows you to set the cost of the object in your shop.  Using
the 'clear' option will reset the price to the normal game cost (adjusted
by your default markup) or may remove the object from sale if the item is
considered worthless.

'Shop add' will include an item in your inventory in your store's list.

'Shop remove' will remove an item in your inventory from your store's list.

All shop commands for object modification support the 'all', 'all.' and
'number.' abbreviations.

See also: help list

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