Syntax: vacation
Syntax: vacation \<days\>

The 'vacation' command can be used to gain relief from taxation on clan
contributions and the experience of very high level heroes.

Typing 'vacation' without arguments will give you up to date details
on when you will next pay tax (unless you are active) and details on
how many days of vacation time you currently have.

If you wish to go away for a number of days then you should provide a
numeric argument which is the number of days until your return.

If you type 'vacation 14' then the game will ensure that you will not be
taxed until at least 14 days have passed from the time you typed the command.
If you have played recently some of the days will be covered by the normal
period before taxation and some will be covered by your vacation days.
It makes sense to play the game just before using the vacation command!

Please note that after booking vacation time it will not be refunded and
that vacation time must be booked in advance.

You will be given an additional 14 days of vacation time or the number of
days of vacation you used in the previous year (which ever is less) at
the beginning of every year.

Players who actively play the game will be automatically awarded additional
days of vacation time.

If you book a vacation near the end of the year which runs into the following
year then days of vacation from the present year will be used.

See also: help taxation

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