who fwho cwho vwho

Syntax: who
Syntax: who \<level-range\>
Syntax: who \<class\>
Syntax: who \<class\> \<level-range\>
Syntax: fwho
Syntax: cwho
Syntax: vwho

'Who' shows the people currently in the game.  Some people may choose to
remain unseen and won't appear on the 'who'.
'Who' without any arguments shows all of the (visible) people currently

With arguments, 'who' can show players of certain classes or levels.
For example:
who 10          lists all players of level 10 or above
who 15 20       lists all players between level 15 and 20
who templar     lists all templars playing
who immortal    lists all immortals playing
who friends     lists all friends playing
who clans       lists all clan players
who visible     lists all players to whom you are visible
who templar 1 5 lists all templars between levels 1 and 5

'Fwho' is a synonym for 'who friends'.
'Cwho' is a synonym for 'who clans'.
'Vwho' is a synonym for 'who visible'.

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