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(Problems) Connecting to Turf

  1. Unable to connect to turf.org or www.turf.org at all
  2. Error message: Connection Refused
  3. Error message: Turf is available at port 4000
  4. Firewalls and Proxies
  5. Connection hangs forever when connecting
  6. What to do at the login screen

First off, if you have any problems connecting to Turf the easiest cure-all (for JavaScript enabled web browsers) is to use the Web Turf Client. The best connect cure-all is TkTurf, which is a high-power MUD client in its own right. If you'd rather connect with another program for some reason and are having trouble this will hopefully help.

Unable to connect to turf.org or www.turf.org at all
If you cannot connect to Turf at all for web pages or Turf then a network fault has probably occurred - wait a while and try again. This should not generally be a problem.

Error message: Connection Refused
Error message: Turf is available at port 4000
If when trying to connect through either telnet or another program to Turf you receive messages like either of the above then you have not put the port number in correctly, and instead of Turf you are hitting the block message on the telnet port. For UNIX command line you would enter "telnet turf.org 4000". If you are using a Windows or Macintosh telnet client you can try variations like "turf.org:4000" (Trumpet telnet style) or "turf.org 4000" (NCSA telnet style). If you can not find a solution try the two links for playing Turf which can be found on the Turf homepage. Once connected you can ask for further help for next time.

Firewalls and Proxies
Connection hangs forever when connecting
If you know you are behind a firewall or find out when your connection just sits forever you can avoid it in a number of ways. Some MUD clients support SOCKS proxies - particularly TkTurf and Papaya. You may need to ask your network administrator for information about your proxy. If that's too much trouble there are two failsafe connection methods:

Papaya 0.80+ [Unix, Windows 95+]
Features connection over HTTP - if you can view this page you can play Turf through a full-strength MUD client. In Preferences->Connection set "Connect using Turf httpd protocol". If necessary, you may add HTTP proxy details as well (these can be found in your web browser preferences).
http://turf.org:443 [JavaScript-capable web browser]
The Turf HTTPD connection system uses your web browser directly. The connection is fairly slow but it can be used even in combat.

What to do at the login screen
So you've connected and have the login screen for Turf, but what do you enter? Well, you do not have to use "guest" or "anonymous" to login to Turf, just enter a name, and if Turf does not like it for some reason (we have a mobile with that name, for example) it will ask you to choose a new one. If you enter a name and get a password prompt that means someone else already has that name, just hit enter and try a new name.

If you need any more help feel free to mail me for assistance at: fastjack@turf.org

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