Turf MUD

Introductory Information about Turf MUD

Turf is a truly unique blend of Talker and MUD. This lively and friendly place is based upon the Merc Diku Mud but it has many differences.

The first thing that will strike you is the absence of Midgaard. Gone are those long weary corridors and repeated room descriptions. We try to make every room different, interesting and worth reading about in our more than 65 unique areas.

If you are tired of the mobiles that do nothing, and rooms that are merely scenery then come take a look at ours. Have you ever tried leading the Spartans to war with the Persians or used the Force's myriad abilities to escape the Galactic Empire?

Tired of always having to fight, well why not try to do a quest. Quests pose riddles and can provide a nice break for those who like to explore and solve puzzles more than fight. Completing the quest guarantees you an extra level or a special reward item.

Maybe you tire and feel like relaxing with friends. We have rooms specially for this purpose where you can sit and relax whilst you chat.

You feel like having your own room and sitting there? No problem, here on Turf if you reach level 4 you can have your own home. Just talk to any immortal, and they will create it - and, if you wish, name it for you too. The room goes in the game immediately and then you are able to edit it 'in game' any time you like.

Lists of the usual talker style are also available to give you more flexibility in deciding what people can do to you, or giving you more information when certain people log in, or which people you would rather not hear from any time soon.

Our rules on privacy are clear. You are free to play without any form of snooping or logging of your commands. We respect your privacy and that of all our users. Snooping has been reverse engineered to allow you to decide when you may and may not be snooped and even when you allow it you will be informed that it is happening.

Turf has some optional proprietary clients with additional features oriented towards talkers. The TkTurf client is the current state-of-the-art in clients, and includes Connect Four, Chess, Reversi (Othello), and Battleship, along with many other high-end MUD client features.

So come to Turf for more than just another Diku MUD or Talker.

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