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Wombat's The Vampire

  Dear All,
  When night falls, when all is dark and the moon bright...creatures
  issue forth out of their deep dark halls and wander the streets...
  They find their way towards others of their kind, those who sleep
  all day and never see the daylight, they gather, they seek some
  form of entertainment to provide purpose to their eternal night
  Through the night they become transfixed, focused, eyes piercing
  the screens to which they are glued, sleep is uneccessary for 
  they are not as others are, not mere mortals...
  Superhuman speed forces keys on computers to click faster than the
  outside world, those innocent humans, could comprehend...
  It has begun
  They are among us                    OOOOOOOO    
  Be afraid                            OOOOOOOO
  Be very afraid                       OOOOOOOO
  Their number grows                   OOOOOOOO
  From Oxford they             OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  have spread                  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  You cannot run               OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  You cannot hide                      OOOOOOOO
  The will find you                    OOOOOOOO
  Avoid the night                      OOOOOOOO
  It is their time                     OOOOOOOO
                                       [ R.I.P ]
                    The Vampire
      ( 5.00am last night, Zippy and Maursh still there when i left )
  NB: the author would like to make it clear that:

     a) he should not be exposed to sunlight
     b) he will not be seen around other than at night
     c) he will not appear in mirrors
     d) he dislikes garlic
     e) he dislikes crosses, holy water and church
     f) he may transform into a bat without notice
     g) he will avoid all pointed sticks
     h) he reserves the right to bite your neck

                     THANK YOU FOR LISTENING
                           The Vampire

 NB: please note: Vampires are dangerous: DO NOT STROKE THEM.

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