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30th January 2002OMKS Spending SpreeIMT January Sale Madness
22nd January 2002Flik Promoted to ChieftainStarman given the Flik
22nd January 2002Clan NO is NO.1NO signs of arachnophobia
15th January 2002AnimalLover OutDivine retribution?

OMKS Spending Spree

30th January 2002
Super-rich clan, the Oxford Mobile Killing Society has taken the unusual step of offering it's members 100% financing of purchases in return for a mere 5% sales tax.

Inter-island Master Traders (IMT) reported record spending during the January sales, indicative of a consumer-led economic recovery.

Flik Promoted to Chieftain

22nd January 2002
Due to his sustained level of contribution to the clan, Flik has been awarded the rank of Chieftain by incoming overlord Yogsothoth. The move forms part of a more agressive stance by Yogsothoth on weeding out non-contributing clan members in an effort to transform the clan's fortunes.

Flik's contribution looks set to drag TkBoom up the Clan League from its current modest ranking of sixth place.

All hail Flik! Long live Yogsothoth!

Clan NO is NO.1

22nd January 2002
Clan Spyder were left scrambling to make up lost ground as NO displaced the long-time Clan League front-runners. According to inside information, clan leaders Golden and Jupiter are said to be pleased with this achievment.

If the New Order Clan are able to sustain their current high rate of scoring it appears uncertain whether Spyder will be able to keep up.

AnimalLover Out

15th January 2002
The Legion of Doom's furry and lovable overlord/founder has been ousted following a revolution driven by discontent amongst the rank-and-file members. It is not clear whether any of the clan's newly-supplied tanks were involved in the conflict, as non LOD-affiliated journalists are not currently allowed access to the clan headquarters. Control of the clan was immediately seized by Hiero the Omniscient, with assistance from his bodyguard, Thrud the Barbarian.

AnimalLover becomes the second player ever to have been exiled from a clan they formerly founded and ruled. He is alleged to have been a key conspirator in an earlier plot which put an end to the fledgeling French army rallying round Joan of Arc, changing the course of Turf history.

News Archive

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