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4th December 2001TkBoom Gets Cash LifelineClan saved from bankrupcy
18th November 2001Boom and TkDire MergeSafety in numbers
18th August 2001LOD Rolls Out Heavy GunsPK clan to be equipped with tanks
6th July 2001Trouble For Clans Acid And SpyderClan Overlord, or merely a Pawn?
6th July 2001News Resigns As ChieftainNo News is bad news
2nd June 2001Enemy Clans In DisarrayElection chaos
2nd June 2001TkDire Competition WinnersValour, loyalty and skill rewarded
25th May 2001Clan Shake-UpOut with the old and in with the new
22nd April 2001Beatles DisbandedMusic world still in shock
20th April 2001Clan Acid To Make A ComebackUnder new management
14th April 2001News Gets A PromotionPropoganda division expanded
2nd April 2001News' News Centre Is Now Clan H.Q.Heard the News?
2nd April 2001TkDire Renounces Violence...but for how long?

TkBoom Gets Cash Lifeline

4th December 2001
TkDire's ongoing cash crisis appears is finally over following the merger with Boom in a deal rumoured to be worth over 10 million gold coins. In a recent interview, former overlord Starman revealed that income from investments and the sale of surplus equiptment following the deal raised a further 1.5 million coins.

Boom and TkDire Merge

18th November 2001
In the latest clan shake-up, old rivals Boom and TkDire have recently completed their merger in a bid to combine their strengths in order to compete against the increasingly monolithic NO clan. The combined entity will be known as TkBoom, and will be run by Yogsothoth from TkDire as Overlord and Flik from Boom as Chieftain.

In other news, Clan Acid has been forced to disband after a prolonged recruitment crisis and the breakdown of negotiations with TkDire.

LOD Rolls Out Heavy Guns

18th August 2001
During the last month or so, Turfers have been able to relax in safety while the more agressive factions within the Legion of Doom clan have been mysteriously absent. However, confidential reports leaked from within the LOD high command indicate that clan members have been undergoing tank-driving training!

Initial reactions from other clans included suprise and concern at this latest development, which may shift the balance of power within Turf, making LOD even more violent and deadly than before!

Trouble For Clans Acid And Spyder

6th July 2001
The future of Clan Acid was recently put in doubt by the shock resignation of their overlord and chieftain, Bluevelvet and Kano. During a subsequent press conference, Bluevelvet cited personal reasons for her departure, including stress and the investment of time required to run the clan properly. Kano was not available for comment.

Despite their impressive achievements in terms of clan score, dissatisfaction and unrest also continues with Spyder, now led by Pawn, who has managed to survive a further no-confidence vote since his recent take-over of the clan.

News Resigns As Chieftain

6th July 2001
News has recently chosen to resign from his role as Acting Chieftain of the clan, though his home will remain the official H.Q. and command centre for the forseeable future. Starman and the rest of the TkDire clan would like to take the opportunity to thank News for his tireless enthusiasm and efforts, often in the face of adversity.

On a related topic, TkDire has recently launched a mysterious new competition said to involve fishing and gardening. The details are available only to clan members. Is this related to the search for a new chieftain? Only time will tell!

Enemy Clans In Disarray

2nd June 2001
The turmoil amongst the clans continues with a number of bitter power struggles and infighting. Alf, who built up Spyder into Turf's most powerful and feared PK clan has been sacked as overlord as a result of a rumoured coup by second-in-command Pawn, who looks set to win the forthcomming election to find a new leader.

Meanwhile, things took a turn for the worse for Joan of Arc's French Army when a group of rebels took control of the clan and threw her out. The clan has now been disbanded.

TkDire Competition Winners

2nd June 2001
Congratulations to our competition winners, who have won promotions through their bravery and achievements in battle.

Yogosothoth wins promotion to Clan Hero, plus a further temporary promotion to Acting Sub-Chieftain for his player-killing skill. Amongst other exploits, he managed to kill AnimalLover, overlord of the Legion of Doom on at least two occasions during the course of the competition.

Our new recruit Guster wins promotion to Clan Hero for his mobile-killing skill, having gained more clan points than any other member despite his late entry into the competition. An extra award of Clan Hero rank has also been given to Xena for her prowess in combat.

Clan Shake-Up

25th May 2001
The demise of the Beatles occured towards the start of a period of turmoil amongst the clans during which a number of famous and long-standing clans such as Burn, RunHide and Admin/Thunder have also been disbanded. The immutable Joan of Arc has arrived on the scene to rally her armies to fill the vacuum.

Things have also been happening at TkDire: We have obtained several new recruits, including mad bomber Yogsothoth, the strange but very able Guster and none other than Xena, Warrior Princess!

Clan Acid has also emerged as a force to be reckoned with, mainly due to the magnificent contribution of former Beatle, Kano (who singlehandedly accounts for over 80% of their total score at the time of writing), while LOD continues to make steady progress whilst causing a fair bit of mayhem.

Beatles Disbanded

22nd April 2001
The Beatles, one of the highest-ranking Turf clans has recently been disbanded as its overlord defected to Acid.

Originally founded by Judus, the Beatles were later run by the one-man army Kano, hailed as one of the greatest heros of Turf. The Beatles were renound for their taste in music. (Theme song: "Hey, Judus" by The Beatles). They had a laid-back, pacifist attiude to inter-clan violence and were on friendly terms with TkDire.

Clan Acid To Make A Comeback

20th April 2001
Clan Acid, long thought to have been abandonned, has recently had a large influx of new members - primarily players who have resigned or been exiled from other clans.

The clan is currently in a state of anarchy, though BlueVelvet is hotly tipped to seize control within the next few days and become the next overlord. In an exclusive interview, BlueVelvet has hinted at plans for an ambitious programme of sweeping changes designed to transform Acid once more into an elite fighting force.

News Gets A Promotion

14th April 2001
In order to encourage further activity and recruitment into Clan TkDire, News is hereby promoted to Acting Clan Chieftain, effective immediately! Long may he reign!

Clan members can get more information about News's promotion and the role of the Chieftain within TkDire by looking at the clan's private internal notes/messages.

News' News Centre Is Now Clan H.Q.

2nd April 2001
All Clan TkDire members now have a place to call their home base (for now that is), because News (News' News editor) has anounced that his home be the clan H.Q. for clan members! News has already sent keys to all members - if there is any problem please contact News for more information.

Clan members can get more information about the new headquarters from the clan's private internal notes/messages.

TkDire Renounces Violence

2nd April 2001
As our more violent of our opponents will have already noticed to their disappointment, TkDire has temporarily switched to non-player killing mode. The reason for this is to allow our troops, who have until recently been engaged in inter-clan battles to gain some levels and replenish their strength.

To all you lower-level players (level 15 and above) out there: There has never been a better time to join TkDire! Sign up today and claim your free clan ring!

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