deposit withdraw bank

Syntax: deposit <number of coins>
Syntax: withdraw <number of coins>
Syntax: withdraw <rank> <hourly limit>

The 'deposit' command may be used by any clan member to deposit gold in
the clan bank account.  This command must be used in the Turf Bank.

The 'withdraw' command is used to withdraw cash from the clan account.
The overlord may use the 'withdraw' command to set an hourly limit based
on rank, which restricts the amount which can be withdrawn from the
account.  Withdrawl may only be done inside the Turf Bank.

For the purposes of 'withdraw' hours are measured from the time of the first
withdrawal.  Subsequent withdrawals within that hour period will be restricted
to the preset hourly limit.

Information on the status of the account can be found using the 'claninfo'

See also: help clans and help claninfo

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