TkTurf - Turf client for Windows, Mac, and UNIX

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Quick Update

TkTurf is a client written specifically for Turf, and packed with extra features which Turf supports. TkTurf was written (mostly) by Fastjack, however Nog is currently maintaining and developing it, and Turf extensions and support for TkTurf were provided by Mtf.

That's all very nice, but what can TkTurf do for you that zMud, or gMud or whatever your usual MUD client is can not do? TkTurf allows you to play Connect Four, Chess, Reversi and Battleship against other players. TkTurf also lets you change any of the Turf colors, where your other clients leave you stuck with just black, red, green, blue, magenta, yellow, cyan, and white (because that is all the ANSI standard covers).

TkTurf also includes a graphical note editor, room editor, description editor, password changer, Turf colconfig front-end, and both local and global finger capability. And, for those of you who play from crowded places, there is a Turf locking feature, which will lock TkTurf until you enter a password of your choosing.

Naturally these features are all in addition to the usual MUD client features, such as a command history buffer, tab recent-command completion, colour, logging, aliases, triggers, preconfigured auto-logins, and sound.

And all of TkTurf's features will work with Turf, where some other shoddily coded MUD clients do not, such as zMud, which won't let you use the Turf note editor.

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