Download TkTurf (Windows)

If you already have an old version of TkTurf installed, download this update.

If this is your first time downloading TkTurf, download this. Save it someplace handy, and then unzip the file. Unzipping it will procude two files, one named tcl80p2.exe, and one named tkturf.tcl. Move tkturf.tcl to your desktop, or some other preferred, handy location. Then double click on tcl80p2.exe, and run through the install program. This will install Tcl/Tk 8.0, and after this installation you will be able to run tkturf by clicking on the tkturf.tcl file. Enjoy!

If you are not able to handle a zipped file it is highly recommended that you install software which can handle a zip file from a trusted source. If you are unwilling to do so there is a self-extracting archive of TkTurf and TCL/TK available. Please note that this file has not been checked for viruses, trojan horses, or other malicious software. This file is provided as a courtesy with no guarantee of safety, usefulness or content.

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