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Turf Meet Photos and Quotes - 26 November 2001
The Oxford Turfmeet has come to a close, one of the largest in recent times. Photos and quotes from the meet are available. Thanks to Wychwood for organising it, and YogSothoth for providing additional floor space.

Let me know if I got the captions wrong, you don't like a particular picture, I mis-spelt your name, I thought you were somebody you weren't, or any other problems - I always get at least one caption wrong.

Neat Data System Pages - 16 August 2001
Several people have put together some interesting and unexpected uses of the Turf Data System. Note that many of the pages listed below are slow to load - this is because they do a great deal of processing. Do not click reload in an attempt to speed up loading, it will only slow the process.

Turf 4.00 - 27 June 2001
Turf 4.00 features a new clan financial system, a new record for the highest level reached without dying, and clan changes too numerous to mention (go see the changelog), and two new areas, including some of the stuff from the Turf Mini Area Competition.

Note that the new clan financial system is quite powerful - be sure not to set policies that your clan members can exploit (for example, allowing unrestricted financing for player shops would be a very bad idea).

Turf 3.92 - 18 May 2001
Turf's been upgraded to 3.92 - the latest version includes a few clan area changes, including new clan areas for LOD and TKDire. There are also changes to damage messages for things without blood, and we've hired a new vampire slayer to patrol Turf and protect the general populace from those undead horrors.

Isle of Man Turf Meet Photos - 6 May 2001
The Isle of Man Turf meet is over, and was very much the most recorded Turf meet ever. Mango brought a digital camera, while Mtf and Cera had a digital camera and a conventional camcorder. The first batch of photos is available in the appropriate directory. More photos will be be appearing as they are submitted. Update: the second batch of photos is up.

Turf 3.91 - 4 May 2001
Turf version 3.91 is out, and the cryptic change is billed as "Turf now dances to the Mersenne Twist". What does this mean? Is it significant? Find out for yourself, or ask around, someone is bound to know.

Hopefully, though, this change should be both noticable and welcome. If you do not know what the changelog entry means try to guess first :)

Turf 3.90 - 22 April 2001
Turf has been upgraded to 3.90. A large section of the code change was devoted to clans systems and policy changes. As far as policy, exiled clan members may now rejoin a clan after 14 days, and resigned members may do so after 28 days - any members whom were exiled or resigned previous to this reboot may rejoin a clan instantly.

The petition command has been added - this command allows petitioning of a clan for membership and ensures incidents like Zartid becoming an unwilling LOD member (as humourous and inventive as it was) will not happen. Offline initiation is also a possibility now, so you need not arrange a mutual online time. (Note that clan cards are no longer required for initiation, however a petition is required, whether opting for on or offline initiation.)

Finally, a lot of the better player ideas we had were implemented - some appear mentioned in the version changelog but many more were too small to mention - hopefully you'll find your idea went in. One commonly requested idea was a who variation to let you see who could see you - you asked for, and we gave it to you. I suspect the idea was as a logical shortcut for find-flags and such, but we've implemented as the whole thing (this isn't really a big change, you can exploit friends channels to find out who can see you through spells such as 'detect invis' anyway).

Turf Meet Photos - 21 April 2001
Photos of the April 2001 meet in Lancaster have been posted. They're mostly video-capture from the web cam, but we should have some real photos from Kano at some point.

Clanlib - 16 April 2001
Clanlib is now available for clan web page authors who wish to simply and easily add dynamic content to their clan's web site - if you can edit HTML you should be able to use Clanlib. If you don't know what you would use it for you might find some ideas on the Admin Clan website - everything on the page is dynamic, so the page never need be changed by hand again.

Those of you who are more inclined to programming might find the newly completed documentation for the Turf Data Retrieval System helpful in designing even more impressive pages.

Turf 3.80 - 7 April 2001
Turf 3.80 is out - new features include the much-requested clan renaming feature, several smaller changes and a new area, Quantum Leap by Fire&Ice - go get the good xp while it is fresh!

The new Turf data retrieval system has also been introduced, which you will see extensively used all over the newly revised website. Details for use of the system by clans and such are available. No doubt you'll see a good deal of change over the next few days as we revise and complete documentation and example code, as well as work on general website changes.

Website Rewrite - 6 April 2001
Turf's homepage has been redone to take advantage of modern-day Turfish improvements as well as slightly more modern web browsers (but it still works in Lynx) - not to mention providing a badly needed reorganisation.

Reorganisation and re-writing of the larger website will continue now, having been held off awaiting a Turf reboot. Expect better organisation and condensation of information - feel free to comment on the changes and any improvements you would like to see.

Turf 3.75 - 17 February 2001
Turf is now up to version 3.75. There is a new record for the greatest modern day hero, which means the best hero since we've improved the intelligence of the game (v3.60 or so). Clan scoring has been radically changed to more closely reflect the entire stance of each clan's membership. See the help file.

New commands include 'note block' and 'note unblock' - a system for filtering your notes automatically.

Other changes include many more typo fixes and area file corrections, automatic game checking of rooms which can not be reached, many improvements (and two enourmous bug fixes (why doesn't anyone report these things?)) to the weather system, and more general bug fixes.

A major bug in the helpfile-to-html script was also fixed, so the help files should look much better now.

Turf 3.72 - 14 January 2001
Hot on the heels of the previous upgrade comes Turf 3.72. The main feature for players to be excited about is a reduction in Death and Taxes. See help taxation for details. Less player-oriented features include automatic nuking of idle players, a resets fix, and we'll no longer see those messages about spells like acid blast wearing off on those rare occasions when we change the spell table.

Turf 3.71 - 10 January 2001
The new version of Turf includes what we all thought was a very good idea: the 'prod' command. And people say we never read the ideas file...

Mango's idea of more realistic odds on the Elite has also been added - if you're capable you can make your fortune now - current odds are 5-1 for a 14 level difference.

Other changes include the long-awaited ability to select the shopkeeper you want when more than one is in a room, and clan bank accounts are now given the 'sacrifice' value of all the objects in their bin (which, if you're wondering is 1 coin per level, excluding things that offend the Gods, like armed explosives) whenever the game is rebooted (instead of just being discarded).

Murder At Morton's - 21 December 2000
Mortons, one of Oxford's premiere sandwich bars, found itself the venue of a vicious killing today.

A customer, known to us as "CocaCola" was completely enraged that the soon to be victim, "Slayer", bought the last bottle of the popular fizzy drink, CocaCola, leaving only the inferior Pepsi left for the unhappy customer.

Enraged beyond belief, CocaCola turned Slayer into a fish before setting about killing him in a frenzied attack that lasted several minutes.

After the event, CocaCola was reported to have said, "I don't know what came over me. I'm usually a very calm person who wouldn't kill a fly." Slayer was (somewhat understandably) unavailable for questioning.

CocaCola is reputed to be a member of Acid, an Oxford society that suffered a hostile takeover little under two weeks ago and is currently ranked third among the clans.

Turf 3.70 - 9 December 2000
Turf has been moved to version 3.70. Two new clan locations have been added, as well as a boon to resigned or exiled members - the 'join' command allows any non-clan member to instantly join an idle (28 days) clan.

Other features include a 'label' command, so those strange substances made with herbs can be more easily re-identified. A new skill has been added - 'spellcraft' - which allows players to determine what spell is being cast instead of just hearing mystic words.

Weather has been fine-tuned, with a wind reduction and spells which now vary in effect by the type of weather and environment the caster is currently suffering.

Acid has already been bitten by 'join', having suffered a hostile takeover led by Avocado Fruit, DrPepper, and Archangel. Avocado and DrPepper were enough to force the old Overlord out, and Archangel, as the strongest is expected to take over the clan until a more suitable Overlord can be found. Acid currently ranks number 4 among the clans, with Burn well within reach, so all clan members should take heed of their anticipated activity boost.

Turf History Weekend Closed - 30 October 2000
Turf's 1996 History Weekend is now closed. Statistics for it are available on the new History Weekend pages.

Turf 1996 History Weekend - October 29, 2000
Turf's 1996 History Weekend is in full swing from now until sometime monday. Mtf's written a script to provide us with information on who's winning, and Mango has written a script to show who's fastest. The old version is running on turf.org:1996.

Turfmeet Photos - 18 October 2000
New photos are up - we've got Turfers on unicycles from the Linux Beer Hike, and we've got Jaffa and others from the Dublin meet.

Turf 3.60 - 24 September 2000
We've had a major upgrade, new features include the ability for players to run shops, new clan votes, a new weather system, new shopping commands, and a host of smaller fixes along with days-worth of area file improvements. Come visit my bomb emporium :}

Turf 3.50 and Turfmeet Photos - 26 August 2000
Photos from the London, Canada meet have been added to the photos section.

The clan system has been re-written and now we only have one type of clan. Members of clans can now vote (once per 24 hours) on the issues of player killing and player theft.

A couple of new skills/spells have gone in, and some other changes, be sure to read 'help latest'.

Turf Help Files Available on the Web - 11 August 2000
Turf's help files have been proof-read, cross-referenced, and finally posted on the web pages. The current helps there are for the next version of Turf, so everything you read might not be quite true yet. Let me know if you find any broken links or other problems.

Coniston Turfmeet Over - 6 August 2000
The Coniston Turf Meet just ended a couple of days ago and we have new meet quotes and new Turf quotes which resulted from that. Turnout averaged five with a peak of seven and a low of four. Coming soon we should have some pictures of various people attempting to unicycle and other more ... awkward positions...

Turf 3.40 and Coniston Turfmeet - 18 July 2000
The Coniston Turf Meet is coming up shortly, so see if you can make it. Zartid, Bluevelvet, and Leviathan are in the middle of their Canadian meet, with Zartid to return to the UK shortly.

Turf was just upgraded to version 3.40 which includes many little improvements and a fantastic Star Wars-based area where you can kill all your favourite and least-favourite characters as well as use the Force along-side the real Jedi Knights.

CyberPlayce Closing - 21 June 2000
CyberPlayce, Jade's cybercafe and long-time Turf host is going out of bussiness. You can find photos and other bits of CyberPlayce memories at http://communities.msn.com/GoodbyeCyberPlayce/. Turf would like to thank Jade, Elliott, and Randy for letting us have free hosting for such a long time.

In related news, Turf has moved to a UK hosting centre, so your link speeds will be changing, for good or for bad. See the note on Turf about resetting your jet lag, if you have not yet done so.

Area Building Competition - 24 April 2000
Bluevelvet is running a mini-area building competition this month. The prizes are six million in gold and a choice piece of personalized equipment. Personally, I'm quite hoping to raise my standing in the millionaires league.

Also, we now have pictures to go with the quotes from the last Lancaster Turf Meet. It must be great to be immortalised in statue so that people from all over the world can snicker at you...

LBH Turfmeet - 8 April 2000
Karzan has posted tentative plans for a Turf meet at the Linux Beer Hike.

Turf 3.30 - 5 March 2000
Turf is now at version 3.30, changes include making quirks less powerful compared to advantages, an add-on to Space Station Krios, general improvements, and an arenas area in which all players, regardless of clan affiliation can fight either in practice without death, or with death (and xp loss).

Turf 3.20 - 8 February 2000
Turf's had another upgrade, several skills were enhanced, the pass door spell was fixed, the plague was changed a bit, and you can now display the remains of your enemies in style, to name just a few enhancements.

TkTurf Upgrade - 26 January 2000
Well, this should be interesting. I uploaded a new TkTurf for the first time in a long time, and I should be flooded with complaints shortly. TkTurf also now has some documentation on using Mud Client Compression Protocol to get compressed connections. Be sure to read the two news articles below if you haven't yet.

Turf 3.16 - 25 January 2000
A couple new features went in to Turf yesterday, of interest are the new records and changes to the effects of alcohol, which can now improve your fighting, as long as you're quite drunk (since you become a bit reckless). Be sure to check out the history weekend this weekend, detailed in the news bit below!.

Turf History Weekend - 30 January 2000
Turf is having a history weekend, 1pm Friday 28th Jan - 2pm Sunday 30th Jan (server time, 8pm and 9pm in GMT). During this time a second copy of Turf will be run on turf.org's port 1994. This will be an exact copy of the game from December 5th 1994. Anyone who chooses to play on this historical copy will need to create a new character. Who will be the first to snatch the Elite?

Turf T-Shirts - 13 January 2000
Turf T-Shirts are coming soon, but we need designs. Mango has a page detailing the design competition: http://www.lancs.ac.uk/~allenc/mango/tshirt.shtml. Please enter, the more designs we have the more likely we are to find one that everyone likes.

Turf 3.10 - 9 January 2000
We've had another upgrade, and Mtf has added an interesting and very possibly fool-proof method of connecting: http://turf.org:4001/. This allows you to play through a standard web browser (frames support required, JavaScript support recommended).

Other goodies include slightly more powerful advantages in the quirks system, and other minor changes.

Turf 3.0 - 1 January 2000
Turf is now in version 3.0! New features are listed as usual, highlights include an advantages/quirks system, three new skills, multi-room radial explosions, and many requested player features like afk and longer titles!

Be sure to look into herbs if you haven't before, they've been improved a good deal. Points are also awarded for exploring, so be sure to hunt around for free xp.

New Turf Coder - 15 December 1999
As a major and unanticipated event in Turf's history I'm now helping out with the Turf coding. My first little bit is done, and we should see the AFK command moving in soon, as well as 50 character titles (rather than 30). Hopefully the next thing I'll work on is an advantages and quirks system Mango and I thought up.

Turf Upgrade - 27 November 1999
Turf's been upgraded yet again, and it looks like the herb-mixing idea has gone in. There is also a new records system for keeping track of official records, such as highest score and most xp from a single kill. There are a couple of new areas, as well as some more obscure changes, so keep a look out for anything new. Oh, and see if you can find some herbs!

Lancaster 1999 Turf Meet photos are up!

Turfmeet Photos - 28 October 1999
Photos of the Lancaster pre-meet are now available. There's another pre-meet tomorrow (Oxford), and the main meet is Sat-Sun (Lancaster). Let us know if you can get there.

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