Turf MUD Welcome - Turf is a text-based multi-user game / talker. Turf is multi-themed, with more than 65 unique and detailed areas to explore covering every genre from fantasy to modern-day life. The code base is both modern and extremely stable, with many unique features. Come lead a Clan and conquer the Heroes' League - or just relax and socialise.

Play Turf via telnet : telnet://turf.org:4000
Play Turf via a web browser : http://turf.org:4001

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Hosting Change - 8 June 2012
Turf has moved servers. It remains on turf.org 4000, but the IP address has changed from to

Turf 4.22 - 9 January 2009
Turf 4.22 has been released. A very minor bugfix release, this verion makes it possible to create pills in a cauldron that have the 'recover mana' spell on them.

Turf 4.21 - 7 February 2003
Turf 4.21 has been released. This version mostly features player ideas such as sub-divisions of the Heroes' League and indicating class leaders in the 'who' listing. Vacation time has also been changed to accomodate Fastfox's complaints that 21 days of vacation time wasn't sufficient for those who may return after long summer breaks. Vacation grant has now been reduced to 14 days, but extra days may be easily gained by those who actively play the game.

Game Mechanics - 8 January 2003
There's been a recent spate of notes on Turf complaining about certain Hero issues and suggesting ideas for changes to the game at Hero level. In response we're composed a brief discussion of Turf's game mechanics which details why certain features such as taxes exist, how death affects experience points, and why we seem to ignore player ideas for Hero-level changes. If more points pop up in notes we might add more details, but hopefully you'll find this answers many of your questions.

Jupiter has set up a web-based discussion board for those wanting to discuss ideas and complaints in more detail: http://www.turf.org/clans/no/board/index.php?board=ideas.

Turf 4.20 - 14 May 2002
The latest version of Turf is out, with the most popular two changes probably being the renew skill and improved coronary care for the mobiles. There are loads, of changes, however, including lots of nice little touches from player ideas, some changes to clan voting policies, some PK changes, new socials, and a horde of changes to help players find equipment around the game.

As usual, be sure to read the full list of changes, and if you submitted an idea then see if it went in.

conspiracy.turf.org - 2 May 2002
Turf has long been the home of conspiracy theories, and today conspiracy.turf.org has been launched for the enlightenment and amusement of all. Go blow the whistle on your favourite Turf conspiracies.

Turf Meet Photos - 26 March 2002
Photos from the Lancaster February 2002 meet are now available.

Voting for the Turf Awards - 23 March 2002
Voting is open for the 2nd Annual Turf Awards. The nominations and rules are available from http://mango.turf.org/awards/2002/.

Turf Awards - 8 March 2002
Mango is running the 2nd Annual Turf Awards. Nominations have now opened for the 2nd Annual Turf Awards competition. The awards website contains a list of categories, plus instructions on how to nominate characters. The website can be found at:


Nominations close Wednesday 13th March, 9am system time.

Turf 4.10 - 8 December 2001
Turf 4.10 features three new areas in the 30-40 range as well as an extension to Stargate, three new commands, shop markup, affects, and a config extension for automatically recalling from combat if link dead. There have been changes to the cauldron and herbs system to allow a greater range of more varied results. Many new commands should also accept 'all'/'all.' as their arguments in place of specific object names thanks to an major internal change in Turf. Expect more commands to accept 'all'/'all.' in the next version, as well.

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